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Job Vacancies

Advertising a job vacancy on UKClimbing.com ensures you will reach more potential applicants in the climbing and mountaineering world than anywhere else, print or web! It is simple to set up, you can monitor the views and have complete control of the process, and it is relatively inexpensive at only £150 (+VAT).

What do you get when Advertising a Job Vacancy on UKClimbing.com?

  1. A place on the Job Finder page
  2. A post on the World's most popular climbing and mountaineering forums for.
  3. A dedicated page on UKClimbing.com with full details of the Job Vacancy - example.
  4. Full control and quantifiable views on all aspects of the advert.

How do I set a Job Vacancy Advert up?

  1. Log on (or register) to UKClimbing.com using your User Profile and go to the Create Job Ad page.
  2. Go through the fully-automated procedure to set up the Job. Upload an image or a company logo, or choose a video to be displayed instead. You can also add a call to action button that can either link to a website, or a direct email.
  3. You may have two options when it comes to paying
    • If you have a UKC Advertisers Account, you can choose to use you Job Ad allocation to create it. (If you don't have any Job Ads allocated then contact us and we can sort out payment)
    • If you do not have a UKC Advertiser Account, or do not wish to use your allocation, you can pay with a credit/debit card.
  4. Once you have completed the payment (using moeny or allocation), the Job Vacancy advert will then be sent to us to tidy up and enhance before making live ASAP.

I am not able to pay online using a company debit/credit card

If you come from a large company or organisation, and have no access to pay online using a debit/credit card, then we can create the advert for you. Since this process requires significantly more work, we charge £120/week for these adverts with a minimum run time of 2 weeks (£240). We can create these adverts very quickly once we have the PO Number and/or payment established.

  1. To get started contact us to discuss the advert.
  2. We will need to send out a pro-forma invoice for new accounts so please get a PO number from accounts department if this is required for payment to be verified. For established accounts we only need a PO number.
  3. Please prepare a basic text file with details of the position and an image or logo to accompany the advert. These need to be sent to us.