Job Vacancies

Advertising a job vacancy on UKClimbing.com ensures you will reach more potential applicants in the climbing and mountaineering world than anywhere else, print or web! It is simple to set up, you can monitor the views and have complete control of the process, and it is relatively inexpensive at only £75 (+VAT) per week.

What do you Get when Advertising a Job Vacancy on UKClimbing.com?

  1. A Premier Post on the World's most popular climbing and mountaineering forums for however many weeks you wish it to run for.
  2. A listing on our News page
  3. A listing on our Job Vacancies page.
  4. A dedicated page on UKClimbing.com with full details of the Job Vacancy - example.
  5. A listing in our monthly Outdoor Industry Newsletter.
  6. Full control and quantifiable views on all aspects of the advert.

How do I set a Job Vacancy Advert up?

As you have a dedicated advertising account with UKClimbing.com, with Premier Post weeks allocated to it, then the process couldn't be easier.

  1. Log on to UKClimbing.com using your User Profile and go to the Premier Posts page.
  2. Go through the fully-automated procedure to set up a Premier Post for the Job. Choose number of weeks you want the advert in position for, and upload an image or a company logo.
  3. When you get to the payment page, choose 'UKC Advertiser account' option.

This creates the advert and you need do no more.

If you would rather that we did the advert for you then contact us.

I don't have a UKC Advertiser Account

No problem. You can still set up a Job Vacancy advert but you will need a company credit card to complete the process.

  1. Register a User Account on UKClimbing.com.
  2. Go to the Premier Posts page and start a Premier Post at the recruitment rate. You can choose number of weeks you wish the campaign to run for. The process is fully automatic and you can upload an image or a company logo.
  3. Once you have completed the payment on the payment page, the Job Vacany advert will automatically be live.

If you would rather that we did the advert for you then contact us.