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Graphic Advertising FAQ

Banner ads are displayed at the top of each page of UKClimbing.com and UKHillwalking.com and side-bar button ads are displayed at the side of many page. When a page is requested, the ad software chooses banners and buttons at random and sends these graphics with the page. This choice is weighted so that advertisers who pay for more impressions have their adverts shown more often.
We offer all the standard advert sizes - see here for more details.
We support JPEG, GIF, animated GIF and HTML5 formats - see here for more details.
At any time, you can run as many different banners and MPUs as you wish and we recommend that you run them concurrently for maximum impact. We also recommend that you always run at least 1 leaderboard 768x90 and 1 320x100 large mobile banner since this position appears on every page of the web site on desktop or mobiles.
You can have as many different banners as you wish, in fact we recommend that everyone uses a variety of graphics since this has proved to give a better click-through rate. We also recommend that you change your banners every few months to avoid them becoming "wall paper" to the regular site users.
When you set up an account you are sent an email with an account name and password. Log into your account to check your stats. This will show you the number of times the banner has been displayed per month, the number of click-throughs and the conversion percentage. You can also upload and amend your banners on your account page.
Page views - also known as 'hits' or 'impressions', this is the total number of times all pages are seen by visitors. For example, if a single page is looked at 10 times over a period of time by up to 10 different people (someone may look at the page twice) that is 10 page views. If 5 different pages are looked at 10 times each, then that is 50 page views.
Click-thru - this is when a user clicks on a advert to 'click-through' to visit your web site.
If you have purchased a small number of banners (less than 50,000) then you will not see your banner very often. UKC/UKH generated 20,680,000 ad impressions for last month, so a banner with 50,000 impressions will only appear once for every 410 pages loaded. However, this does not mean that you can't achieve a good click-through rate on a small number of banners.
The way the graphic ads system works makes this a superfluous question since a graphic ad is never associated with a particular page. Just because you see the banner on a certain page once doesn't mean that others see the same banner on the same page, nor that you will see that banner next time you visit the particular page. You pay for a number of impressions not for a location, but each time your banner is served, there is someone looking at the page with your banner on. We do have several specific and very prominent static locations across the site. Contact us is you are interested in one of these.
This will depend on how well your banner is designed, and its relevance to our users. From your account page, you can view the click-through rate for any one banner or all the banners together. Anything less than 0.10% would be below average while anything more than 0.25% would be good. The Google average click-through-rate is between 0.25% and 0.30%. Of course any graphic advertising on a web site that doesn't get clicked on is still doing just as good a job as a print advert in a magazine.
As of 30 June 2016, you'll no longer be able to upload ads built with Flash